Property tends to be the most valuable asset that an individual owns. In the current market, property frauds and scams have been increasing at an alarming rate, hence, making it extremely difficult to recognize which one is valid offer and which one isn’t accurate. Whenever a possibility is by all accounts great and genuine it is truly challenging to track down the right prospect.

To choose a right property, it is extremely important to know the person from whom you are purchasing and gather all the necessary information about the property. It is smarter to enlist a good property lawyer/consultant to do a property title confirmation. This is the most ideal way to stay away from a property fraud and real estate scams. There are a few scams which can be stayed away from effectively with good judgment.

  1. Title Fraud

One of the most critical property frauds for when buying a property is that an individual might steal the individuality through the use of false documents when selling the real estate property or to get a new home loan against the property being sold. The individual then takes off with the money, once the loan is received, keeping the future payment burden on the owner.

The best guardian for this sort of property fraud is to get title insurance that safeguards a person from the encroachment errors and issues within the public records. an extra key towards protecting this kind of fraud is to use the protection of private information. Safety actions may conjointly scale back mistakes.


  1. Fraud Agents

Be safe of unreliable real agents!

One of the foremost common things you got to look out for is an unreliable agent. Property agents will be very persuasive and convincing that makes it difficult to observe whether or not the offers are real or not.


Ensure that the person you’re entrusting your valuables with is someone reliable to trust and has operated with someone who was referred by an exponent or family member. If you’re approached by an unknown agent that doesn’t belong to a widely known agency, make sure you in person visit their workplace and check for referrals.


  1. Rental Scams

Most people start their home search through the internet; which is beneficial for real estate scammers. In this type of scam, criminals pose as real estate agents and take the rental advert online and also post the same elsewhere on another website. Generally, they offer the rentals at a lower rate and would ask for the deposit as well as provide a false rental document. This is too risky because the buyer would not only lose the deposit but also his identity as the criminal has all the information in the lease document.


  1. Approval Delays

Even after getting the possession, an individual can encounter a situation where they find themselves stuck. For example, the project that an individual has bought in, won’t have electricity and water connection approvals. There are cases where the land on that the project is developed is under the unauthorized layout or sub-divided land, or the structure isn’t as per the bye-laws or the guidelines; which might cause a protracted delay in the basic approvals for electricity and water connection.

Also, the buyer should look through all the receipts to ensure that taxes have been paid until the date of sale.

Do your complete research and satisfaction before making a big decision. Stay safe and vigilant!

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