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The real estate market is one of the segments that underwent several changes and adaptations during the new pandemic reality. Faced with an extremely new and sudden scenario, what can we expect for the real estate market in 2021?
From remote work to the use of technologies, such as online visits , the 360º tour and the use of real estate management applications for the activities developed in the area, both administrative and financial, to the prospect of a return to the heating of the economy, the real estate market in 2021 has ways to grow and reinvent itself.
In this article, we will talk about the real estate market scenario 2021, in addition to addressing technologies, trends and expectations for professionals in the area. We will also bring tips that can help the performance of professionals in the real estate market for the next year. Follow us!
The real estate market scenario in 2020
The year 2020 started with high expectations for the real estate market, mainly after a year of growth like 2019.
A survey conducted by CBIC in 2020 showed that the first quarter of the year had a 26.7% increase in sales compared to the previous year.
However, it didn’t take long for the market to lose steam. With the advancement of the coronavirus in Brazil, the isolation measures and the uncertainty in relation to the coming months caused a setback in the real estate market.
The same survey points to a 14.8% drop in the number of units launched in Brazil compared to the previous year, showing the effects of the crisis on construction companies and the low demand from customers.
It is interesting to remember that this decrease did not happen uniformly in Brazil. The Northeast was the region with the greatest retraction, with a 56.3% lower performance compared to 2019. The second most affected region was the South, with a drop of 29.1%, followed by the Southeast, with 2.4% less sales.
Digital acceleration
However, despite the less optimistic results, we can take advantage of this difficult period for the real estate sector: the digital transformation .
For brokers , remote work, through the home office , gained strength and showed that it is possible to maintain a flow of sales , even at a distance, using software and platforms that organize and optimize the work routine.
In addition, companies began to invest in more modern websites and occupy the digital media, opening a new sales channel and expanding the presence of the business.
The public also changed the form of consumption and began to experience new shopping journeys .
A survey by Grupo ZAP , carried out with people who were looking for properties to buy or rent, showed that 38% of them were open to the idea of online visitation , made from video platforms, and 37% would accept to take a 360º tour. in real estate.

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What is the new real estate business?
Although several changes have taken place due to the pandemic scenario, the promise is that many of them will remain and become the new normal in the real estate industry.
Management platforms, such as CRM and Office da Vista, for example, helped in the development of administrative and financial activities, being great partners for self-employed professionals and large real estate companies.
Although these solutions already existed in the routine of real estate companies, with the pandemic they proved to be essential for everyday life.
Another point is that the relationship with the customer and the online service remain strong. Of course, digital should not be the main route, but it is a way to establish the first contact and reach a larger audience, especially nowadays.
What to expect from the real estate sector in 2021?
Expectations are high for the real estate market in 2021 and this is for two reasons: the decrease in the Selic rate (Special Settlement and Custody System) and the launch of the new federal government program, Casa Verde e Amarela .
Currently, the Selic rate is at 2% per year, being the lowest rate in the country’s history. The Monetary Policy Committee (Copom) and the Central Bank (BC) reduced these rates precisely to try to stop the recession in the real estate market.
Although it is not possible to guarantee that the rate will remain at this level throughout the year 2021, the expectation for the real estate market in 2021 is that it will not have a great increase, remaining at around 2.75% per year. So, brokers, this is the best time to sell real estate.
Another incentive is the Casa Verde e Amarela program, which replaces Minha Casa Minha Vida. In this new format, the focus is on three fronts: real estate financing, land tenure regularization and housing improvement, also enabling the renovation and expansion of houses.
Real estate profile has also changed
In addition to structural changes, a notable legacy of this period of isolation is the styles of buildings.
With so much time in seclusion, people started to value even more the structure that a condominium and the floor plan of an apartment can offer.
It will not be uncommon for searches for complete condominiums to increase, as well as for buildings close to green areas and more distant from large centers, which are extremely noisy, since most corporate companies adopted the home office until the end of the pandemic state ( which can last until the second half of 2021) or permanently.
This will be noticed especially in families with greater purchasing power, who will prioritize even more comfort in their homes.



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