The steady rise in values of commercial and residential real estate Property trends over time will lead to rise in investments in the real estate business in 2022.

Increase in Real Estate Investments

The government of Pakistan has brought down the loan fee and declared incentives for investors and finance managers to alleviate the economic impact of the pandemic last year which brought about the advancement of many budget-friendly real estate projects in which investors had contributed a great deal because of many reasons. This impact can be seen clearly this year as well.


Foreign Investors

Due to this fluctuation of profit and loss, investors have shown more interest and have started investing again. Moreover, the new housing trends in Pakistan have caught more attention including foreign investors.

Important Factors to consider

The most important factor for a successful investment is to ensure that you choose the right property. Some of important contributing factors include location of property, purpose for buying (residential or commercial) and evaluating your budget before investment.


Major Property Trends in Pakistan

Home to some of the fastest growing property markets in the world, Pakistan’s major cities have become the center of property investments. Like in developing countries, Pakistan is dealing with techniques to take on sustainable infrastructure models in its vital metropolitan areas to forestall sprawling.


The current top property trends in Pakistan are:

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision of vertical cities is completely in accordance with the sustainable development systems. It stresses the requirement for intelligently planned high-rise buildings to make the most ideal use of the available land in a jam-packed city, ensuring most of the natural environment is preserved.


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