How to do real estate photography to sell your house faster?

How to do real estate photography to sell your house faster?

Are you planning to sell your house or have you been trying to sell it but found no luck? A major reason for it, that we tend to overlook, is how well you have photographed your house.

When you look at a magazine spread of a house, you often think how is this place even real? This is because amazing real estate photos do have a positive effect on your home sale.

A study done by a real estate photography company, stated that top-quality photos can make your house sell 32% faster as compared to a house with average or blurry pictures.

You don’t need expensive equipment like DSLR to take perfect shots. All you need is to look for the correct lighting and time of the day, know the correct angles and stage your home the right way. But in making the shots look perfect, you must be honest about the size and layout of your home.

Here are some important real estate photography tips you need to know:

Declutter and clean

Make sure that you clean every room in your home by hiring someone or whether you are doing it by yourself. Start with the kitchen and remove everything off the counter top. Neatly organize your utensils, towels, oils, etc. Then, scrub down every surface and most importantly any burned substances on your stovetop.

After this, move to the living room. Clear all the clutter, remove shoe racks and extra things keeping the furniture and table lamps. Then vacuum and deep scrub the room.

Now repeat this for every room.

Get creative with storage

If you are storing items, label the boxes and store them by stacking them up so they don’t take much space. Also, if have found some items that you no longer need or want, now is great time to sell or donate them. This will make shifting easier, your closets more available for storage and help to declutter the house for staging.

Depersonalize space

The main idea behind the real estate pictures is to help the buyers envision themselves in your home without actually visiting it. This makes depersonalizing your space very important by making sure to put aside all your personal belongings. Or you can move the items to a different spot when taking the pictures.

Correct the lighting

A well-lit home not only adds to great pictures but also gives off the illusion of a bigger space. Light up the room using window light or turning on all the lights to make the room look brighter, bigger and free of any visual cutter. Make sure to always analyze the room with a critical eye before taking any pictures.

Be honest

Avoid editing images to make the rooms bigger and don’t take deceptive photos that will misguide the buyers. Be honest about the layout and size of your home.

Take several pictures

Always take lots of photos so you have several options to choose from. Exterior pictures are as important as interior ones.

Another tip is to take the pictures from chest-height. This will help the buyers view it as if they are standing in your home.

For exterior pictures, ideally place your camera at an angle that will add more depth to the façade of the structure.

Go for landscape orientation

As vertical shots only focus on a smaller area, horizontal photos showcase the entire room.


The photos you take need to tell a compelling story with order you present these photos in. the order should be: the exterior, entryway, kitchen, dining room, living room, master bedroom, and then any additional remaining bedrooms.



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Real estate Property trends, what to expect in 2022?

Real estate Property trends, what to expect in 2022?

The steady rise in values of commercial and residential real estate Property trends over time will lead to rise in investments in the real estate business in 2022.

Increase in Real Estate Investments

The government of Pakistan has brought down the loan fee and declared incentives for investors and finance managers to alleviate the economic impact of the pandemic last year which brought about the advancement of many budget-friendly real estate projects in which investors had contributed a great deal because of many reasons. This impact can be seen clearly this year as well.


Foreign Investors

Due to this fluctuation of profit and loss, investors have shown more interest and have started investing again. Moreover, the new housing trends in Pakistan have caught more attention including foreign investors.

Important Factors to consider

The most important factor for a successful investment is to ensure that you choose the right property. Some of important contributing factors include location of property, purpose for buying (residential or commercial) and evaluating your budget before investment.


Major Property Trends in Pakistan

Home to some of the fastest growing property markets in the world, Pakistan’s major cities have become the center of property investments. Like in developing countries, Pakistan is dealing with techniques to take on sustainable infrastructure models in its vital metropolitan areas to forestall sprawling.


The current top property trends in Pakistan are:

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision of vertical cities is completely in accordance with the sustainable development systems. It stresses the requirement for intelligently planned high-rise buildings to make the most ideal use of the available land in a jam-packed city, ensuring most of the natural environment is preserved.


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Avoiding Property Frauds, Scams

Avoiding Property Frauds, Scams

Property tends to be the most valuable asset that an individual owns. In the current market, property frauds and scams have been increasing at an alarming rate, hence, making it extremely difficult to recognize which one is valid offer and which one isn’t accurate. Whenever a possibility is by all accounts great and genuine it is truly challenging to track down the right prospect.

To choose a right property, it is extremely important to know the person from whom you are purchasing and gather all the necessary information about the property. It is smarter to enlist a good property lawyer/consultant to do a property title confirmation. This is the most ideal way to stay away from a property fraud and real estate scams. There are a few scams which can be stayed away from effectively with good judgment.

  1. Title Fraud

One of the most critical property frauds for when buying a property is that an individual might steal the individuality through the use of false documents when selling the real estate property or to get a new home loan against the property being sold. The individual then takes off with the money, once the loan is received, keeping the future payment burden on the owner.

The best guardian for this sort of property fraud is to get title insurance that safeguards a person from the encroachment errors and issues within the public records. an extra key towards protecting this kind of fraud is to use the protection of private information. Safety actions may conjointly scale back mistakes.


  1. Fraud Agents

Be safe of unreliable real agents!

One of the foremost common things you got to look out for is an unreliable agent. Property agents will be very persuasive and convincing that makes it difficult to observe whether or not the offers are real or not.


Ensure that the person you’re entrusting your valuables with is someone reliable to trust and has operated with someone who was referred by an exponent or family member. If you’re approached by an unknown agent that doesn’t belong to a widely known agency, make sure you in person visit their workplace and check for referrals.


  1. Rental Scams

Most people start their home search through the internet; which is beneficial for real estate scammers. In this type of scam, criminals pose as real estate agents and take the rental advert online and also post the same elsewhere on another website. Generally, they offer the rentals at a lower rate and would ask for the deposit as well as provide a false rental document. This is too risky because the buyer would not only lose the deposit but also his identity as the criminal has all the information in the lease document.


  1. Approval Delays

Even after getting the possession, an individual can encounter a situation where they find themselves stuck. For example, the project that an individual has bought in, won’t have electricity and water connection approvals. There are cases where the land on that the project is developed is under the unauthorized layout or sub-divided land, or the structure isn’t as per the bye-laws or the guidelines; which might cause a protracted delay in the basic approvals for electricity and water connection.

Also, the buyer should look through all the receipts to ensure that taxes have been paid until the date of sale.

Do your complete research and satisfaction before making a big decision. Stay safe and vigilant!

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Green roofing – Sustainable homes

Green roofing – Sustainable homes

You must have come across a roof of a house covered with plants and wondered why? A green rooftop (otherwise called a rooftop garden or a living rooftop) is a vegetative layer that is being grown on a roof. Not only increasing the beauty of the house, green roofs are also environment friendly and energy efficient.

These green rooftops are covered with plants and incorporate a couple of significant highlights including waterproofing just to keep the construction protected and undamaged. The pattern has been expanding in numbers both in the main cities in Pakistan and rural regions all through 2021; in this way it isn’t simply one more trend yet the change is probably going to remain in 2022 and justifiably.

Some of the major benefits of installing a green roof system are:

Life of a Roof is increased

The top of any building or a house is exposed to daylight. This direct contact with sun has long-term effects on the roof, which can bring about huge maintenance costs. Whereas, a green rooftop gives the benefit to the roof by increasing its life. The rooftop is secured by various layers of sealing materials with the goal that it isn’t impacted by the roots of vegetation and greenery. The greenery absorbs the daylight, keeping it from reaching the surface of the rooftop, which, as a result, endures longer than its average life.

A green roof’s plants eliminate air particulates, produce oxygen and provide shade. This makes the green roofs with natural protection against extreme heat, last twice as long as traditional ones

Energy Efficient

Throughout these ten years, environmental change has deteriorated. The temperatures in summers get insufferably high and in winters it drops more than it used to until before. Because of these changes, individuals need to put resources into warming and cooling gadgets to keep an ideal temperature inside their homes which have high one-time costs. Whereas, roof top planting is a nature-friendly strategy that empowers more plant life and helps families in reducing occasional energy bills.

Noise Cancellation

One of the irritating issues to live in a city is noise pollution. The urban communities have been more commercialized. One can always observe traffic on streets in any event even during late hours of the evening. Traffic and noise pollution are the reasons for why suburbs are turning out to be more common. Fortunately, one of the advantages of green roofing is that plants have this astonishing capacity to alleviate noise. This joined with extra layering gives complete noise insulation to the house and you can expect a serene climate in the house when the entryways and windows are also shut.

Environmental benefits:

The environmental benefits of green roof systems include: Storm water retention, improved air quality and the reduction of the urban heat island effect.

Abundance heat from residential buildings, industry and traffic all add to the rising temperatures in urban spaces. The temperature of a city in contrast with its surrounding countryside is known as the urban heat island effect, which can negatively influence occupants’ wellbeing. A green rooftop can absorb a portion of the heat and the regular evaporation system will cool and humidify the air, assisting with bringing down the temperature.

Economic Benefits

Initially, there is a one-time cost since you really want material and plants to set up a green rooftop however that is all. Over the long haul, it will just require ordinary upkeep for your own fulfillment to check whether there is any spillage or if something needs an up-gradation. After you have introduced green roofing in your home, all that you will see is its benefits. The energy bills will be reduced as compared to other houses with traditional roofing materials. The air quality around your home will be better. The rainwater that typically goes down the drain will be consumed by your green rooftop. Thus, economic advantages of roof top gardening are alwayys more than one-time investment.


The general gist of above conversation is that, rooftop gardening has a variety of advantages. Everyone should do it if possible.

Increasing Covid cases in the US, Higher risks of children

Increasing Covid cases in the US, Higher risks of children

As Covid-19 cases increase drastically in United States, a study found by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention states that children who had contracted Covid were most likely to be later diagnosed with type 1 or type 2 diabetes as opposed to children without Covid.

According to IQVIA’s data, Covid-infected children were 2.66 times — or 166% — more likely to be diagnosed with diabetes over 30 days after infection than those who hadn’t caught the coronavirus, and were 2.16 times more likely to be diagnosed than those who’d dealt with a non-Covid respiratory infection prior to the pandemic. While it is still unclear that the Covid positive children who might acquire Type 2 diabetes, will have long lasting affects of diabetes or if it will fade away over time.

According to the findings, a link yet complex, can be found between the two diseases as the coronavirus attacks cells in the body which are responsible for producing insulin. This highlights the importance of vaccination in all those eligible-currently ages 5 and above.


Experts say hospitalization rates might be up in light of the fact that omicron is more contagious than previous types of the virus, and on the grounds that the variant tends to attack the upper airway system rather than the lungs—with children being more vulnerable to complications from upper respiratory infections than adults.

With the rise in number of covid-19 cases in hospitals all over the United States, a large portion of the patients are children ages 4 or under. So, it is very important to keep them protected by surrounding them with people who are vaccinated.

The only way to help minimize the spread is to keep on taking all the precautionary measures, wearing masks and getting each family member vaccinated. We have just gone through a horrific pandemic and lockdown but this Omicron variant is more easily spreading. Stay vigilant! Stay protected! Stay vaccinated!



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