Green roofing – Sustainable homes

Green roofing – Sustainable homes

You must have come across a roof of a house covered with plants and wondered why? A green rooftop (otherwise called a rooftop garden or a living rooftop) is a vegetative layer that is being grown on a roof. Not only increasing the beauty of the house, green roofs are also environment friendly and energy efficient.

These green rooftops are covered with plants and incorporate a couple of significant highlights including waterproofing just to keep the construction protected and undamaged. The pattern has been expanding in numbers both in the main cities in Pakistan and rural regions all through 2021; in this way it isn’t simply one more trend yet the change is probably going to remain in 2022 and justifiably.

Some of the major benefits of installing a green roof system are:

Life of a Roof is increased

The top of any building or a house is exposed to daylight. This direct contact with sun has long-term effects on the roof, which can bring about huge maintenance costs. Whereas, a green rooftop gives the benefit to the roof by increasing its life. The rooftop is secured by various layers of sealing materials with the goal that it isn’t impacted by the roots of vegetation and greenery. The greenery absorbs the daylight, keeping it from reaching the surface of the rooftop, which, as a result, endures longer than its average life.

A green roof’s plants eliminate air particulates, produce oxygen and provide shade. This makes the green roofs with natural protection against extreme heat, last twice as long as traditional ones

Energy Efficient

Throughout these ten years, environmental change has deteriorated. The temperatures in summers get insufferably high and in winters it drops more than it used to until before. Because of these changes, individuals need to put resources into warming and cooling gadgets to keep an ideal temperature inside their homes which have high one-time costs. Whereas, roof top planting is a nature-friendly strategy that empowers more plant life and helps families in reducing occasional energy bills.

Noise Cancellation

One of the irritating issues to live in a city is noise pollution. The urban communities have been more commercialized. One can always observe traffic on streets in any event even during late hours of the evening. Traffic and noise pollution are the reasons for why suburbs are turning out to be more common. Fortunately, one of the advantages of green roofing is that plants have this astonishing capacity to alleviate noise. This joined with extra layering gives complete noise insulation to the house and you can expect a serene climate in the house when the entryways and windows are also shut.

Environmental benefits:

The environmental benefits of green roof systems include: Storm water retention, improved air quality and the reduction of the urban heat island effect.

Abundance heat from residential buildings, industry and traffic all add to the rising temperatures in urban spaces. The temperature of a city in contrast with its surrounding countryside is known as the urban heat island effect, which can negatively influence occupants’ wellbeing. A green rooftop can absorb a portion of the heat and the regular evaporation system will cool and humidify the air, assisting with bringing down the temperature.

Economic Benefits

Initially, there is a one-time cost since you really want material and plants to set up a green rooftop however that is all. Over the long haul, it will just require ordinary upkeep for your own fulfillment to check whether there is any spillage or if something needs an up-gradation. After you have introduced green roofing in your home, all that you will see is its benefits. The energy bills will be reduced as compared to other houses with traditional roofing materials. The air quality around your home will be better. The rainwater that typically goes down the drain will be consumed by your green rooftop. Thus, economic advantages of roof top gardening are alwayys more than one-time investment.


The general gist of above conversation is that, rooftop gardening has a variety of advantages. Everyone should do it if possible.



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