Real Estate Marketing is one of the most crucial facets. It’s more than just telling people about real estate, but getting actual work done. Without marketing, you can be the best among your competitors, but it will be difficult for people to find you or even know about you . 5 C’s of real estate marketing will help you to reduce that difficulty.

In any case, great marketing – the stuff that works, gains customers and raving fans, and starts conversations – is quite often about the client, as opposed to about us. The successful brands in the real estate market are making huge followings since they are advertising in a credible way, bringing creative content and engaging humor to attract customers. In any real estate case, above all, they are talking with their clients about their clients.

Today, in real estate the places and ways in which we can market ourselves are endless. From channels, shows, videos, ads, billboards and influencers, customers encounter more ads and consume more information than ever before. To bring unique content and attract attention is very important.

To help you here are 5 C’s of real estate marketing to remember.


The most important element of any good marketing strategy is the customer. Who is your target market? What don’t they know? What do they require most? How would they define value? In the event that you can address these inquiries you are looking great so far.

In real estate you need to make the audience believe that you are helping them, collecting all the necessary information for them, and engaging them in a conversation. A simple but effective way to ensure that the customer is your main target, is to see how often you used the word ‘I’. Replacing the letter ‘I’ with ‘you’ and rephrasing the sentence can make a huge difference in your tone and focus.


Once you have decided who your target audience is, it’s time to create a content plan. The crucial part of real estate marketing is what to say and where to say it.

Creating a content plan before-hand removes the frustration of thinking and worrying about what to say when you need to communicate.

For the first step in real estae marketing , start with brainstorming and find the pain points of your customers while selling or buying a house. These pain points will act as an opportunity to solve a problem or create value.

Now make a list of all the ways you communicate with your clients, social media, and newsletters, print marketing etc, and include everything. Realize the ways you can utilize those tools and touchpoints to help solve your customer’s pain points.

This creates your content plan which will help you determine what you need to say and where.


Coming up with creative, eye-catching and unique content is important as it keeps your customers interested. This will not only keep your customers informed but they will spread the word and you will gain followers. Research on articles and content your competitors have and add something unique to stand-out.


You need to make the customers believe you have their best interest in mind. Create posts and content that starts a conversation and rephrase your sentences by replacing the letter I with you.


Consistency is the main ingredient that makes the entire strategy work. It’s not just about being consisting in posting or email on a daily basis, but most importantly being consistent with your values, voice and messages.

In real estate your marketing not only reflects how you tell a story of your audience but your beliefs and what you want to be known for. Make sure to work hard and be consistent!

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