Demolition of ‘illegal’ Navy Sailing Club in Rawal Lake

Demolition of ‘illegal’ Navy Sailing Club in Rawal Lake

Islamabad High Court Orders Demolition Of Illegal Navy Sailing Club In Rawal Lake Islamabad


Proclaiming the Pakistan Navy’s sailing club and farmhouses built on the public park land unlawful, the Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Friday requested their destruction and gave orders to start criminal procedings against the former naval Chief Zafar Mahmud Abbasi and other authorities for endorsing the illegal developments.

In a 45-page judgment, IHC Chief Justice Athar Minallah ordered the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to take over the naval farmhouses, saying that naval force had “trespassed the land on the embankment of Rawal Lake, and that too in a protected public park region”.

As the occupation of the land was illegal, the land should “no longer be regularized in any way for having been unlawfully built in an ecologically sensitive region, violating the compulsory provisions.”

The navy has been ordered to stop all its activities on Rawal Lake and hand over the land to the Small Dams Organization, while the court ordered the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board to restore the natural habitat in the lake’s surroundings.

The court additionally delegated environmental law expert Dr Pervaiz Hassan as a one-person Implementation Commission to give impact to the Environment Commission’s suggestions in regards to Rawal Lake and to examine the environmental damage caused.

In its verdict, the court noted that “the engagement of the armed forces in an activity which is a transgression from the constitutional mandate e.g. undertaking commercial or real estate ventures etc. is definitely not in the public interest. Its coercive power, strength and discipline can only be used for the restricted functions prescribed under the Constitution rather than using these characteristics to enforce its will on the people that created it.”

“Engaging in such undertakings, on the one hand, compromises the professionalism, integrity, cohesion of the Armed Forces while on the other it weakens the civilian institutions and becomes a cause for distraction from the core function. It damages the relationship of the Armed Forces with the people and the society,” the verdict noted.



Building Trust In A New Digital World


In a now increasing virtual world, people want better experiences and more organization over their data. With the pandemic, new challenges and vast opportunities have also surfaced. As we explore the vulnerabilities and complex conditions of the pandemic, trust remains in a critical state.

How would you ingrian trust in your client base?

Q:How would you reestablish business versatility?

Q: How You Build Trust Of Your Client ?

Lets Seek With AWF Real Estate And Builder

Organizations should accept change and look forward with optimism and good faith. For the now digital business will change the manner in which they share information to procure trust. By collaborating in a way that it benefits all, it’s possible to build more significant relationships with both clients and accomplices.

With the approach of digital innovation, organizations have been requesting that customers trust them in new and more profound ways, from requesting their personal data to tracking their online activities through digital breadcrumbs.

Simultaneously, technology issues like security hacks, improper or unlawful observation, abuse of individual information, spread of phony news and deception, algorithmic inclination, and lack of transparency are consistently hitting the news. The subsequent doubt these episodes breed in stakeholders—representatives, financial backers, as well as clients—can altogether harm an organization’s reputation.

However, when used to upgrade transparency, build up moral and mindful practices, support information protection, and ensure security—all that we call the four pillars of trust — digital tools and advancements can fill in as positive empowering agents of both change and trust.

Almost 3/4 of clients will share more personal data when brands are transparent with regards to how it’s used. Organizations should shift to a mutually valuable information model that gives individuals more control and permits them to concede direct access to high-quality information in return for improved, hyper-customized administrations with upgraded security and protection.

In a multiparty framework, data is not just information anymore but each unique piece of data can go about as guidelines, verification and even authorization of utilization rules. This new plan of action can assist to realign and revamp trust, giving a more straightforward, prompt and certain method for sharing information.

The four pillars of trust that can help organizations instill trust in their clients are:

  1. Transparency and Accessibility

Companies that are more transparent about their work and the services they provide appear to be more reliable to customers and this also helps to take the friction out of an otherwise challenging user experience. Moreover, companies bringing customer reviews by verified purchasers or clients on their digital platforms. Making additional costs, privacy policies and terms and conditions readily available to the customers are some of the ways in which the companies can appear to be more transparent and accessible.


  1. Ethics and responsibility

As technology innovations raise ethical questions by giving organizations more power, their willingness to work towards the welfare of customers can generate higher levels of trust and credibility. By doing this, organizations can take advantage of much-longed for objectives of fairness, inclusion, and prosperity, while controlling disinformation and using technology in the right and ethical way.


  1. Security and Reliability

With heightened awareness around cyber risks and increasing reliance on smart devices, customers are increasingly choosing organizations that use the latest technology to keep products and services secure and reliable.


  1. Privacy and Control

Organizations that respect customers’ preferences on what data to collect and how that data is handled are able to gain greater permissions to handle customer information and provide personalized services.


Organization’s efforts that incorporate these 4 pillars of trust can help them build long-lasting digital trust and strengthen their relation with the stakeholders.

Useful tips to keep you safe from smog and air pollution

Useful tips to keep you safe from smog and air pollution

.With the increasing levels of Smog in Lahore, the air quality and climate of the city have worsened. This is causing not only poor visibility but brings serious health complications with itself. The harmful particles of smog sway lives causing road accidents and aggravations in flight, causing serious health issues. Research shows that air can be twice to five times more unsafe inside than open air.

The pollutants cause aggravation in the nasal section which can prompt different respiratory contaminations and conditions. Any individual who is as of now under medicine for respiratory diseases like asthma, COPD and so forth can suffer more in such circumstances. In the event that the symptoms deteriorate, causing trouble in breathing, seek for professional medical help immediately.

Remaining indoors does not mean you are protected, so here are some useful tips to ensure your house is protected from smog and pollution:

Deep clean your house

Cautious house cleaning can be a basic method for taking out potential foreign substances or sensitivity causing particles. Rather than vacuum-cleaning, you should utilize a wet mop to ward off the disinfectant from the floor. A moist towel will effectively get contaminations as opposed to delivering them into the air once more. Make sure you wash the exits and deck well from outside. In the event that you wash, don’t forget to wear masks. Cover bedding or cleaning with dust-proof covers if needed.

Eliminate carpets and rugs

Eliminate wall carpeting and cushioning as allergens are attracted to mats or woven artworks. The toxins will return into the air when you venture along the tapestries. Similarly, drop hard sheets and pick lightweight, dust-free machine launderable sheets. Before you enter home make sure to remove your shoes as the footwear contain poisons, for example, coal tar, debris smoke, contagious spores, synthetic pollutants, and so on. Put an extra mat near the main entrance.

Add greenery inside

Keep away from using synthetic aromas and add more plants indoors. As per a review led by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) researchers, houseplants are regular air purifiers that purge and revive the air. It is prescribed to keep something like one indoor plant for each 100 square feet of the house to accomplish proficient air cleaning. Some easily found plants which are known to eliminate poisons are Aloe Vera, Peace Lily, Spider Plant, Snake Plant, and so forth.

Increase ventilation

Ventilate the kitchen by introducing exhaust fans as cooking fumes can increment indoor contamination levels and influence health. Extreme dampness can worsen air quality as well. Make comparative arrangement in the restrooms. Clean air conditioners routinely and fix leaks whenever you take notice. Invest in some good quality air purifiers to further improve indoor air quality.

Restrict outdoor activities

To be saved from smog and air contamination, keep your outdoor activities restricted particularly late evenings and nights.

Confine your children inside the house since kids are more inclined to be impacted by the harmful pollutants of smog. Also take extra cautionary measures for pregnant ladies, elderly and those suffering from respiratory issues. Take a stab at combining your chores to avoid frequent outside trips. Evenings are the most preferable times to leave the house in winter since toxins are moderately lower in intensity.

Let us find you a house on eco-friendly society where you can live with good environment and a healthy Lifestyle


Landlord tips for renting out your property

Landlord tips for renting out your property

Being a property manager can be tough, particularly when you’re beginning. From finding and screening tenants, making and following a contract, we will assist with directing you through all the significant landowner tasks.

  1. Rental property as a business

You may not see dealing and managing your rental property as your primary task; however, it is still a great business and a source of good income. Maintaining a professional attitude with your tenants, keeping your finances intact and performing thorough tenant screening before the occupants arrive is very important.

To ensure a good business and positive reputation, you need to make sure that your business follows all the important federal, state and local laws. Take your time with research and understanding the terms and conditions.

This also implies forestalling issues before they occur. Keep maintaining your house or unit instead of waiting for problems to pile up.

Check all the utilities and have a plumber, contractor and locksmith on call.


  1. Create an online rental listing

Promote your rental listing on most visited online sites as majority of people search online for rental units. Provide the important information that the tenants need of your rental property such as the rent price, the location, number of rooms and restrooms, conveniences, and close by attractions—the more enlightening the posting, the better. Post clear photos of each room and normal space, as occupants will probably be more intrigued assuming they can easily visualize the space.


  1. Invest in a good property manager

If you don’t live close to your property or don’t have the time and resources to commit to the task of managing your rental, hiring a professional property manager can be a good idea. You will have peace-of-mind knowing that your property is being handled professionally and in a timely manner. But before finalizing make sure to screen properly and ask for local references or interview a few people.


  1. Set a good rent price

As the rent price will be your main source of income from your rental property, it is important to consider all the factors before giving out a final price. Know the current prices in your neighborhood. Also, the location and maintenance of your unit plays a major role. Listing and keeping check of your fixed and estimated expenses will help you compare your rental income with your rental expenses.


  1. Keep a written rental agreement

Oral agreements, however legal in some instances, are not only less effective than a written document but also risky. A written document signed by both parties is the best way to communicate your expectations and keep a record for future in case something happens. Clearly convey all your requirements and expectations through this document such as if you want noise restriction in the house, who will pay for the breakage of things, and all that you consider necessary.

Getting an interest-free loan for business in Pakistan

Getting an interest-free loan for business in Pakistan

Many people need loans for financing their business. For this purpose, they often seek the help of banks. However, most people are reluctant to do so as mostly banks take interests on loans, which is the permanent means of income for banks. Due to religious purposes, seeking an interest free loan is nearly impossible in Pakistan but we are here to answer all your questions.

A few Islamic banks in Pakistan claim to provide interest free loans, however, with higher interest rates it takes forever for people to pay the price back to banks in the form of land, house or property.

Here are a few foundations and initiatives in Pakistan from where you can get interest free loans.

1.Al-Khidmat Foundation Mawakhat program

With the rate that unemployment is increasing each year, it can prompt a dangerous increase in poverty and can influence the country’s economy also. Understanding this need, Al-khidmat foundation has introduced the ‘Makhwat Program’, which offers loans to individuals who need to start their business. In Pakistan, individuals have talent, abilities, and motivation. They simply just need backing and money to go into business. This is what ‘Al-Khidmat foundation’ does.

With the primary goal to provide interest-free loans to the destitute and poor, it enables individuals to be strong and financially independent, maintaining he Islamic rules of banking.

It has two types of schemes:

  1. Home-based schooling

This scheme provides interest-free loans under home-based schooling. By spending 1,542,500 rupees, this scheme has already helped 50 families in karachi with low-income individuals.


  1. Mobile vocational trainer

Understanding the importance of skills, Al-khidmat foundation helps people obtain those skills.


2.Akhuwat Islamic MicroFinance (AIM)

Promoting social justice and brotherhood, Akhuwat Islamic MicroFinance is a company that provides interest-free microfinance to the underprivileged, lower-class members of society.

Eligibility criteria

The applicant:

  • Must have valid CNIC number
  • Can maintain a business at the initial stage
  • Should be 18-62 years in age
  • Should not have any criminal record
  • Must have a good social and moral character

The candidate needs two guarantors other than a family member/relative for this loan.

Two types of loans come under Akhuwat MicroFinance:

Group Lending

Three or six members partake in group lending. All individuals from the group give an assurance and credentials to one another. Group members solve their social and financial problems through decision-making. Individuals shouldn’t be relatives; however, they can be living close-by.

Individual Lending

Individual Lending is for members who fulfil the eligibility criteria and then can apply for interest-free loans. The member will need to provide 2 guarantors to get loans.

The two guarantors guarantee that this individual will pay the loan on time. In case of group lending, members give a guarantee of each other.

3.IFC business finance

IFC is an individual from the World Bank Group. Its main goal is to eliminate poverty from society by giving freedoms to individuals to work on their lives. IFC addresses difficulties that influence private sector improvement; it centers around giving finance to small and medium ventures. IFC joined forces with financial institutions to work with SMEs and stimulate economic growth inside the country. In 2009, IFC made collaboration with HBL to create jobs.

By providing services in both English and Urdu, IFC has successfully increased its small business customers to more than 80,000 new customers.

It has prepared 4400 business entrepreneurs. The association has made dispute resolution centers in Karachi. It permits and assists the smaller endeavor with settling their problem without going to court. An incredible example of IFC is to work with HBL.

4.Dubai Islamic Business Finance

Dubai Islamic Business Finance is completely based on sharia’s rules and regulations. DIBPL enters Shirkatul Melk’s relation with its customers. It purchases a share of your residence. In this way, it leases your undivided share in the property against monthly rental. It fulfills all sharia manners.

It is the only type of product available that follows Islamic standards. It gives 500,000 to 20 million financing sums and has a quick application processing time. This plan offers 70% of your property benefit. Tenor rescheduling choice is also available. Terms and conditions, however, may apply to get the loan.

Eligibility criteria:

The applicant must be Pakistani with age between 26-40.

The property’s minimum value must be 2000,000 and it should be located in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan, Bahawalpur, Sialkot, Gujranwala, Hyderabad and Peshawar.

5.Prime Minister Youth Loan Scheme

In an era of skilled, innovative and motivated youth, PM has started the Prime Minister Youth Business loan with the aim to offer loans to unemployed youth to help make them financially independent. Providing better employment opportunities, this scheme will play a vital role in growing the economy.

Terms and conditions apply

  • Mark-up 6% per annum
  • The maximum loan size will be 2 million
  • The application fee is Rs. 100
  • Tenure will be 8 years maximum

Requirements of the Scheme

The following are the requirements of the scheme that an applicant must fulfill.

  • Applicants must be of age between 21 and 45.
  • The applicant should be Pakistani with a valid CNIC.
  • An applicant with a new startup will show relevant technical skills/educational degrees.
  • A person who has an existing business will show involvement in the industry and genuine business concern.
  • The loan amount should be equal to or the same as the life insurance of the applicant.
  • The guarantor should have 1.5 times more net worth than the requested income. He should be a government employee for the remaining service of 8 years.
  • The applicant can provide more than three guarantors.



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