.With the increasing levels of Smog in Lahore, the air quality and climate of the city have worsened. This is causing not only poor visibility but brings serious health complications with itself. The harmful particles of smog sway lives causing road accidents and aggravations in flight, causing serious health issues. Research shows that air can be twice to five times more unsafe inside than open air.

The pollutants cause aggravation in the nasal section which can prompt different respiratory contaminations and conditions. Any individual who is as of now under medicine for respiratory diseases like asthma, COPD and so forth can suffer more in such circumstances. In the event that the symptoms deteriorate, causing trouble in breathing, seek for professional medical help immediately.

Remaining indoors does not mean you are protected, so here are some useful tips to ensure your house is protected from smog and pollution:

Deep clean your house

Cautious house cleaning can be a basic method for taking out potential foreign substances or sensitivity causing particles. Rather than vacuum-cleaning, you should utilize a wet mop to ward off the disinfectant from the floor. A moist towel will effectively get contaminations as opposed to delivering them into the air once more. Make sure you wash the exits and deck well from outside. In the event that you wash, don’t forget to wear masks. Cover bedding or cleaning with dust-proof covers if needed.

Eliminate carpets and rugs

Eliminate wall carpeting and cushioning as allergens are attracted to mats or woven artworks. The toxins will return into the air when you venture along the tapestries. Similarly, drop hard sheets and pick lightweight, dust-free machine launderable sheets. Before you enter home make sure to remove your shoes as the footwear contain poisons, for example, coal tar, debris smoke, contagious spores, synthetic pollutants, and so on. Put an extra mat near the main entrance.

Add greenery inside

Keep away from using synthetic aromas and add more plants indoors. As per a review led by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) researchers, houseplants are regular air purifiers that purge and revive the air. It is prescribed to keep something like one indoor plant for each 100 square feet of the house to accomplish proficient air cleaning. Some easily found plants which are known to eliminate poisons are Aloe Vera, Peace Lily, Spider Plant, Snake Plant, and so forth.

Increase ventilation

Ventilate the kitchen by introducing exhaust fans as cooking fumes can increment indoor contamination levels and influence health. Extreme dampness can worsen air quality as well. Make comparative arrangement in the restrooms. Clean air conditioners routinely and fix leaks whenever you take notice. Invest in some good quality air purifiers to further improve indoor air quality.

Restrict outdoor activities

To be saved from smog and air contamination, keep your outdoor activities restricted particularly late evenings and nights.

Confine your children inside the house since kids are more inclined to be impacted by the harmful pollutants of smog. Also take extra cautionary measures for pregnant ladies, elderly and those suffering from respiratory issues. Take a stab at combining your chores to avoid frequent outside trips. Evenings are the most preferable times to leave the house in winter since toxins are moderately lower in intensity.

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