Blue World City is a famous housing society near Chakri interchange that has become very famous recently. A part of the Blue Group of Companies, its founders are heavily investing in the project and things seem to be moving very smoothly so far. Blue World City’s chairman and owner, Saad Nazir, is an architect by profession and has prior experience in developing the PIA Employees Cooperative Housing Society. However, with heavy investments and a lot of new ideas, Blue World City has become a very popular, demanding and trusted project.


Here are 4 reasons why you should invest in Blue World City NOW.

1. Fast Paced Work

Blue World City’s management has one of the fastest working teams in the housing schemes around Islamabad. Within just a year, they’ve managed to complete a lot of the major infrastructure and underground lining of many utilities, roads, water tanks, landmarks and even partially complete more than 5 villas. The main gate is complete, huge and beautiful. The roads are carpeted throughout and made from top quality material. It’s a fact that with the pace of this progress, we’ll see the society with most of it’s work is complete and waiting for arrival of residents soon.

2. Tourist Attractions

Blue World City is trying to establish itself as a tourist destination for people of Pakistan as well as those coming for abroad. They’re trying to recreate some very know monuments and places on different scales such as the Blue Mosque from Turkey, Burj al Arab in Dubai and Hollywood square from Hollywood. Along that, they’re working on a safari and a huge water park. These destinations along with other landmarks such as a replica of Trafalgar Square in London and the world’s largest Horse Mascots will make it a “city” people will often want to visit.

3. Opportunities

Currently, Blue World City has one of the best rates that offer a good return. Their files have been selling rapidly for the above mentioned reasons as well as the fact that their rates are comparatively low as compared to the market. This strategy is allowing Blue World to sell more files, earn more money and invest it back into their project. This allows the work to continue at a fast pace and increases the value of the land.

4. Trusted Developers

Besides Blue Group of Companies being a trusted name in Pakistan, their Chairman Saad Nazir is also an experienced architect who designed PIA Employees Housing Society. Blue World City’s current work progress and development status also adds weight to the trust they’ve earned over time. This is one of their firs major real estate work so they’re very determined to prove their creditability as well as ability to deliver a good project.



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