“If you do not think about the future, you cannot have one”


Rudn Enclave is an upcoming society in Rawalpindi with a large amount of area under it’s disposal. Rudn Enclave early sales, even before it’s developer launch, has left people surprised and some stunned. But what makes the society a good place to invest in and how do their sales keep on increasing?


5 reasons why people are investing in Rudn Enclave

Rudn Enclave Has Unique Location

Rudn Enclave’s location makes it ideal for all sorts of investments. It’s located right on one of the proposed Ring Road interchanges. This means there’s no distance between Rudn Enclave and the Ring Road, making it very easy for residents to get on the road and be able to travel to pretty much anywhere in between the twin cities.

The ring road will increase accessibility to all the vital parts of the cities and decrease not only the time to travel but also the load from other heavily congested roads. The ring road is known to be a “game changer” and will prove to be a crucial component.

Trusted Planner And Devaloper

A housing society’s future and value depends a lot on it’s planner and developer and Rudn Enclave impressed everyone with both. Their planner is NESPAK, who also have the ring road project on board. NESPAK is a semi government organization who has completed more than 6000 projects in the country and more than 300 projects in other countries such as UAE, Qatar, Yemen and Oman.

They’re an established brand that has consistently proved themselves over time with projects such as the motorway, metro bus, orange line and even Shaukat Khanam.
On the other side, their developer is UPDL, which is also one of the most famous names in the country. UPDL consists of Al Haq builders and New Leaf and collectively, they’ve successfully completed projects in Bahria Town, Gulberg Greens & Residencia, Nathia Gali resorts, Ripah Health Care Facilities, Mall of Gulberg and internationally in Canada, Dubai and Singapore.

Easy Of Providing Utilities

Providing utilities to the residents of a society is the hardest part and Rudn Enclave might find it much easier. The society is located in between a village called Khasala and Jarar army camp. Both these places have government issued meters for gas and electricity.

With the existence of this ease, Rudn Enclave managed to get NOC for both and they just need to connect and supply these resources. As for water, the society is surrounded by two dams. Moreover, after detailed testing from WASA, it’s been confirmed that clean ground water is just 30-100ft. underground. These utilities are available for Rudn Enclave to use whenever they want.

Easy Of Providing Utilities

This brings us to our fourth point, the Khasla dam. Rudn Enclave has managed to buy it on lease and this will allow the dam to be used for various purposes. First off, the farmhouses and a few commercial areas will be built with views of the dam. Secondly, their will be a water theme park built over 200 kanal of land right on the dam.

Lastly, the dam will be utilized for water sport activities, yachting and boating clubs, food courts and parks. This gives Rudn Enclave some great opportunities to attract tourists, build a relaxing and calming environment and use water efficiently.



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