“If you do not think about the future, you cannot have one”


Park view city is one of the best upcoming societies in Pakistan that is highly developed. A project of Vision group, PVC has delivered previous projects with great success in Lahore and now seems to be doing the same in Islamabad. It has a huge population that we see increasing day by day and the prices keep on rising. From as investment point of view, it’s not a safe but a great opportunity too.


There are 5 reasons to invest in Park View City

1. Fast Development & Possession of Plots

The development at PVC is not only fast paced but of great quality too. The management has made sure their trust and quality is maintained throughout. Many people have started constructing in PVC while a lot of people and companies are now working on commercial buildings. PVC provided a huge return to those who decided to se3ll their land after some time too.

2. Affordable Plots (without the need of loans)

Even though PVC prices are slightly more than other emerging societies, it’s still affordable in contrast with it’s quality. When you usually need to buy a plot, you can be inclined to get a loan from a bank, which can be a huge burden. PVC is one of the top societies inside the capital that offers you payment plans that suit your needs. You can now fulfil your goals of a house inside Islamabad, at a prime location while not putting a burden on yourself.

3. Astounding View

Like mentioned previously, PVC greats take care of it’s quality standards and that just doesn’t finish within the society but extends outside it too. It offers a great view of the outside world and it surrounded by botanical gardens while it’s filled with them from the inside too. The views and scenes it offers more from than the other but something from all are to kill for. They promise to relax you and take your stress away after a long tiring day. Nature was a huge part of the development of PVC.

4. Golf Club & Community Centre

Not many societies focus on communities that will be living in their society, but fortunately, PVC is one of them. The society has promised a great Club & Community centre that will be filled with different indoor and outdoor activities. This also includes a sports complex with swimming pool, cricket and football grounds while the community centres have banquet halls, library and different restaurants and halls. PVC aims to bring the community together.

5. CDA Approved NOC

NOC, NOC, NOC. These 3 letters can be a huge selling point and PVC has obtained just that. This means there’s no fear of any illegal accusation of land or any fraud. PVC is a trusted brand and that trust is further strengthened by the fact that they have an NOC Issued by CDA. This makes all of their plans, development and other things legal and approved.



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