Unique business ideas you can start from home


Who does not want to earn and not wait for their pocket money to buy what they need? Living in an internet world with unlimited resources and opportunities, earning is not difficult now in the 21st century.

While in international countries, youngsters start earning early in their teens with unique ideas, in a country like Pakistan, however, teenagers opt for the typical ways of earning that requires zero investment.

But now in an era of entrepreneurship and online businesses, there are a lot of creative and unique ideas that you can use to earn money.

There is no limit to talent in Pakistan but the lack of exposure to utilize their talent in the right way.

Here are a few ideas that might help you:

  1. Online Thrift Stores

A new, yet fastest growing business idea is an online thrift store. People are buying items such as clothes, shoes, accessories, in bulk from their local thrift shops and selling them online mostly through Instagram. The customers mostly prefer them buying online from the comfort of their homes rather than going to the shop themselves, be it in prices double than the original.

There is also a new startup where you can upload the items you want to sell from your own closet and the interested customers will contact you.


  1. Customized digital portraits

Art has always been admired and if you have a talent why let it waste? Customized digital portraits are attracting a large number of audience. People are using it in their wedding invites or just to gift it to a loved one.

Just make your page on Instagram now and start posting attractive content. Don’t forget to use the correct hashtags so it reaches maximum people.

  1. Earn from gaming

Another unique idea that will give you great money in the long run, will be investing in a good gaming rig. Then begin streaming but be consistent and patient. If you plan on taking it further, you can earn an insane amount of money from gaming. Moreover, you will be in control and people will come to see you playing video games once you start marketing yourself.


  1. Reselling Sneakers

In case you are a sneaker head and still not mindful of the sneaker business then you are on the losing side. Since in Pakistan shoe business is booming and individuals are contributing a huge number of rupees to get their hands on elite ones.

Moreover, people are finding the best picks from their local thrift stores and selling them with profit online.

In Pakistan, if you want to start a sneaker resale business, start with a low-profile. You don’t need to have the limited edition ones even at the start. But try not to go with the copied ones, since that’s illegal and also not worth it.




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