“A Hotel Isn’t Like a Home, But Its Better Than Being A House Guest”


A guest house is a private house that offers accommodation services to paying guests, commonly those who are traveling. Guest houses are smaller as compared to hotels and almost any house can be converted into one.

In a city like Islamabad, guesthouses are quite popular. The way the city is planned, there are a few commercial sectors with most of the good hotels. That leaves quite a few sectors without a good, if any, hotel. This leads to guest houses being a popular alternative.


There are different guesthouses in the capital. Some can cost more than what smaller hotels cost while on the other hand, some are extremely affordable. Guesthouses are also another way for people with real estate investments to earn a good passive income. The initial investment can vary depending on what sort of guesthouse you’re thinking of making but the return in all cases can be good. Islamabad lacks good hotels while the good ones can cost a fortune, especially if your stay will be long. Guesthouses can help keep some pressure off your customer’s pockets and provide them with facilities similar to hotels.

Along with that, we have seen the general public prefer guesthouses more as compared to in the past. The nature of the upcoming generations as well as the pricing of modern day hotels has inclined people to prefer guesthouses as they are a cheaper option while offering similar facilities. People tend to save money and opt for guesthouses since it’s just to stay for a few nights.

Guesthouses are increasingly becoming popular and rightly so. In Pakistan, we don’t have a concept of motels either so guesthouses are a good cheaper alternate to hotels.

A typical guesthouse offers a private room, basic toiletries, towels, room service and a few offer breakfast as well. They also have a kitchen that offers a wide variety of food for the customers. Some lavish guesthouses in Islamabad also offer different cuisines. The guesthouses also provide security, parking and other basic necessities.



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